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What's The Clubshop?
Since 1997, under the motto, “Together Everyone Achieves More,” CLUBSHOP has put together millions of people worldwide to increase their buying power.

CLUBSHOP is a vast online shopping mall that enables you to shop online at your favorite big-name stores and (soon again) off-line at local businesses, all the while getting cashback and exclusive special offers on your purchases!

As a shopper, you will earn cashback that you can redeem via your PayPal account or in any other way currently available.

Signing up to join us at CLUBSHOP is free!
Together Everyone Achieves More.
Not only do we put together millions of consumers worldwide to increase their buying power.

We also put together consumers and retail companies to create outstanding unique synergies to boost benefit for both parties.

On the one hand, end consumers save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, while retail companies, with no investments or upfront cost, benefit from the most effective marketing and loyalty program they could ever conceive.

Try it out for free!

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