Yang Guo Fu Ma La Tang - Brisbane CBD

Shop 5/97 Elizabeth St
Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Category  Food & Drinks

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Pick up a bowl and tongs and add in your favourite ingredients – welcome to Yang Guo Fu Ma La Tang! With over 6,000 locations worldwide, Yang Guo Fu is now available in the Brisbane CBD. Malatang is named after its key ingredient, mala sauce, which is flavored with a combination of Sichuan pepper and dried chilli pepper. The ingredients available for your soup includes bean curd sheets, lotus roots and bamboo shoots, exotic mushrooms, a plethora of noodles, meat balls, fish balls, fish cakes, tofu puffs, spam, a range of noodles and of course a lot of greens! All of your selected ingredients are then cooked in the kitchen to create a delicious malatang!
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