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Atomy products are of the highest quality because they use fresh organic herbs, which are ultra purified-without any toxins This ultra purification has been achieved by researchers at KAERI and KOLMAR BNH Beauty and Health companies. KOLMAR BNH is the leading manufacturer of cosmetics, skin care, home care many other products.KAERI (Korea Atomy Energy Research Institute) The goverment institution andwhich developed HemoHim after 8 years research to help boost the imune system for their employees working with radiation. What Atomy makes so special is:
1) Quality Products
2) Low Prices
3) No Fee to join
4) No autoship
5) No monthly fee
6) You need not to purchase products to join
7) You need not to purchase product every month
8) You need not to sell products
9)The member ID is valid across the world
10)To be qualify for commissions for the year you have to acumulate only 10K Personal PV, which is about $30
Currently available in the following 14 countries: USA, Canada, Singapure, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Phillippines, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Australia and Indonesia.
Openig soon in these countries: Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and India.
Earning plan#1 - as Atomy independent online parners, you become a Wholesalers that entitles you to earn from 30% - 70% profit through direct selling. You get the sales earnings in cash instantly because your customer pays you directly. You do not meed to stock -up products because the company will deliver your order from the main warehouse to the name and address you placed inside your online Shopping mall. This is how Atomy Drop Shipping Works! Why we are unique? We do not keep your direct profit. You keep it! Sell - Today - Earn - Today!! BE GLOBAL DEALER!
Earning plan#2 - Earn from $70 to $1,500 per day with our Referral Marketing Program, when you enroll other online business partners, whether from your country or from those other countries listed on our website. You can earn more..... Well, if you aim for our Matership Promotion Program, you can expect to get the following:
1. Get cash monthly allowence from $2000 to $10,000 as you move-up in ranks
2. Have the chance to travel the world with your family for free
3. Have a brand new car with vhanffeur
4. a paid office including paid secretary
5. Get cash bonuses from $50,000 to $1 Million on rank promotion
6. Lastly you can also open an Education Center in your area and get additional 6% of the entire sales made by every center.

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