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Credit restoration is our staple service; however, each client would also get the following services at NO additional costs:
My Care Plan (each client gets a Last Will, Living Trust and Financial and Healthcare Power of Attorney)
Credit Attorney (each client will have access to a credit attorney that will evaluate cases that include hard to remove derogatory items; attorneys will also stop harassing phone calls from creditors for your clients)
Identity Monitoring (each client will have a membership to LifeLock, which uses proprietary technology that searches for potential threats to their identity)
Credit Builder (each client will have access to their credit report in an easy-to-understand, online format and utilize our extensive library and resource center to increase their financial potential)
Credit Monitoring (each client will receive a personal credit portal, which includes an interactive credit report, money manager and financial account alert system, which will allow all their online accounts to be organized in one place with transaction and credit alerts sent straight to their phone)
Debt Payoff (each client will be able to create a financial plan that will give them the exact payment guide to eliminate their debt quickly and save money)
Financial Lockbox (each client will have all their financial contacts and information in one central, online location that can be accessed anytime. This organizational tool can be personalized and can be forwarded to a contact of their choice in case of an emergency.
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