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CBD has been shown to reduce vomiting & nausea; suppress muscle spasms; and reduce
seizures & convulsions.
It also has been shown to:
• promote relaxation and overall health,
• relieve anxiety,
• reduce nicotine cravings,
• aid in digestion; and
• inhibit cell growth in tumors and cancer cells.
These are small bottles of liquid high-potency, Pure Hemp Oil, sometimes called tinctures, that
you take by dropping ½ dropper full of oil under your tongue once in the morning again and
once in the evening.
There are 50 servings of Premium Hemp Oil per bottle.
The 4 different potencies are 300mg, 500mg, 750mg and 1500mg. You take the same amount
regardless of which one you’re using, it’s just some are obviously more potent than others.
➢ The 300mg drops are for helping to reduce minor health problems and maintaining
optimal health
➢ The 500mg drops are for helping to reduce more intense health problems and to reestablish
good health
➢ The 750mg drops are for helping to deal with more severe health issues
➢ And the 1500mg drops are designed to help people who have really serious health
challenges and need super strong results immediately.
All 4 potencies are naturally flavored with peppermint so they taste great! They are all made
from Non-GMO, Pesticide Free, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil using only organic ingredients.
And like all our products, they’re manufactured in the USA in a registered GMP, cruelty-free
These CBD Drops are legal in all 50 states and in 40 countries worldwide
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