Konark Time-Travel Machine

Time-Travel to the past will be more helpful to regain lost information & lost witnesses / evidences / proofs which are very much required in present days for Investigation Departments like FBI, CBI, SIT etc., & Judical Courts, Lawyers, Advocates, Police Stations, Journalists, News / Press Media etc.,

Time-Travel will also be more helpful to do Archaeological surveys to investigate the exact Historical evidences which are lost in our World's History.

This Product will be more useful for everybody to improve/change our characters / behaviors as we will see ourselves in front of us. (like double role in feature films)

Please donate funds generously to build "Konark Time-Travel Machine" & kindly be a part of this Historical Project.

We are also looking for Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Inventors & Entrepreneurs to build this Historical Project. Please "Like" & "Share" this page in "Public" & Support us to build this Historical Project.

Interested Time-Travelers can send their resumes / proposals / suggestions to: rameshk_mgr (at) yahoo (dot) in
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