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Rafael Jarauta, Founder and Owner of, is a real estate professional producer who is licensed with the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) and the Miami Association of Realtors. He is a Realtor Associate with Florida Capital Realty.

Florida Capital Realty is one of LARGEST real estate company in the State of Florida. It consists of above 500 licensed agents in the Florida.
Rafael Jarauta is a License Realestate Agent for the State of Florida.

Rafael ‘s unwavering work ethic, extensive background in the Marketing Arena specially internet, where he developed his own search engine optimization techniques to promote his companies like, in the USA and MTC Latin America in Argentina achieved more than 3.200 active customers since 1994-2000.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, moving to Santiago de Chile for two years and then for almost 5 years moved to Tucuman, Argentina, Rafael ’s service mentality is an asset to his clients who benefit from his 24/7 availability, commitment and honesty. Through outstanding client rapport and his Latin hospitality, Rafael strives to bring a breath of fresh air to South Florida real estate. He is determined to raise the standard of how real estate is performed in Miami by bringing back service, pride and work ethic. In addition to his drive for impeccable service, Rafael provides his clients with a unique perspective. Prior to launching, Rafael enjoyed a multidisciplinary endevour and lucrative career in marketing and business development. With background in mechanics, electronics, electricity, he was involved in personal construction and house remodeling, understanding of crucial details related to buy a house, to maintain, follow up and project financing to sales, gives his clients the unique advantage of multiple points of view and expertise. Rafael enjoys working in a variety of communities in Miami and knows them as well as, or perhaps better than, any South Florida native.

Rafael currently resides in Palmetto Bay with his wife Katrina and his 2 daughters Nicole and Sophia. Get to know more about Rafael by following him on Twitter at or Facebook at . He may also be contacted via email at rafael at realtywonders dot com , on his cell phone at (786) 287-3241 or office phone at (786) 548-0513.
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