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MMAPlay365 was launched in July 2019 and has seen continued growth with subscribers worldwide. The platform is full of information including detailed fighter breakdowns leading to an official betting section for long term gamblers and a section for the fun or occasional gambler. MMAPlay365 has a massive following in the gambling arena as the only platform worldwide with membership and subscription options for gamblers.
Long Term Gamblers’. A Long Term Gambler would be somebody who is looking to beat the bookies over a long period of time. This type of person would not necessarily be looking to make a ‘quick buck’ by betting $5 to win $1000, for example. The Long Term Gambler will look to stake more money for lower returns which you’d describe as a ‘win smaller, but more often’ strategy. The Long Term Gambler will very likely have a bankroll in which they use to fund their bets and will also likely to bet in the globally used gambling metric of ‘units’. If this describes you, then this section will be for you.

A Fun Gambler may also be called a casual gambler by some people. A Fun Gambler will generally just be a fan of MMA and doesn’t get too invested in the sport but loves to watch the UFC every weekend along with other big fights from other MMA promotions such as Bellator, KSW and Cage Warriors. Gambling can increase the fun and intensity of the fights on the night for some people and having a little bit of money on a few fights with the potential to win a lot back in return can really make the night a lot more enjoyable. But even though there will be money on the line, nobody likes to lose money at the same time. It’s never an easy task cashing a betting ticket on an Acca (parlay) to turn your $10 into something much larger but if anybody is going to stand the best chance then it’s a professional MMA gambler who analyses every fight.
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