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NRF2 is a Scientifically proven product that REALLY works!! It works on Horses, humans, dogs, cats, wombats, all mammals..... you name it! Not all products are backed by science like we are or are they even PROVEN to actually work. When someone asks about what to use, make a comment, but to those that don't like the NRF2 products, STOP BASHING THEM!! If you don't use them on a daily basis, then you don't know what it can do!

You have to use them to know the true facts. Look at the science, talk to those people that use it, we have 1,000's of testimonies from people who have used it from 3 months to 9 years!!! This product has been a proven product since 2003! If it didn't work, don't you think it would be gone like all those others? I do! Ask to talk to someone that uses it don't just assume it is another "scheme" because it IS NOT!!!

Sorry for being so blunt, but some people just don't understand the science, or care to learn what is really happening to the body. We have 100's of Dr.s and 100's of Vets, nurses and tech's as part of our company who know what it does! We have a lot of independent studies done from major Universities as well that show it does what it says. NRF2 is what it says it is! It reduces Oxidative Stress by at least 40% in 30 days.

If you have read this, and want more information about it, please ask. I will get it to you right away :)

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