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* It can help you to establish or rebuild your credit history with responsible use.
* It allows you to have a secured credit line of up to $10,000.
* Good credit or a bank account is NOT required to get a card.
* Your card can also be used as a prepaid card that you can load to make your purchases.
* It allows you to rent cars and book hotel rooms.
* It allows you to earn amazing rewards, incredible shopping sprees, fantastic vacations
* It allows you to drive your dream car.
* You can do direct deposit and money transfers to your card.
* You can withdraw your money from bank tellers at ANY bank
* You can load money to your card with the INGO Phone App.
* You can use Western Union and MoneyGram to load your card.
* Also there are never any point of sales fees with your card.
* There is never any late fees, overdraft fees or transfer fees.
* Over 70,000 in network ATMs with no more than a $1 fee.

Let's talk about building credit
A good credit score can help you when you need to borrow money to pay down bills or buy a car. But you need a way to build credit. That's why we created the ZBlackCard Secured Card.

It works just like any other card. The difference is that we give you a secure line of credit up to the amount you select.

Your monthly payments get reported to the credit bureaus which help you build a positive credit file over time.

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The Best Debit card on The Market!! $$
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