Stress and Cortisol Reduce Anxiety with Adaptogens

Bloomington, IN
United States

Researchers have found that Adaptogenic herbs can support the healthy
function of bodily systems and protect the body from biological, chemical,
environmental and psychological stressors.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Adaptogenic herbs were used to increase
endurance, reduce fatigue, enhance immunity, and increase life span. Today,
more than 50 years of scientific research has confirmed these health benefits
and much more:
• Central nervous system: They enhance intellectual performance, alertness,
concentration, learning, and memory
• Immune system: They increase production of T cells, which fight bacteria,
viruses, and cancer
• Stress response: They regulate the release of stress hormones and enhance
the flexibility of the stress response system
• Energy and Sleep: They boost energy on the cellular level and help regulate
cortisol production, which directly affects sleep quality

We more than just a product company.
We have a mission to make a difference in people’s lives,
to empower our community with the ancient and eternal healing power of plants,
expertly formulated by modern science.
A new era is dawning.
This is your time
We are in the midst of a global transformation – people everywhere are awakening to a deeper holistic awareness of their true nature.
As awareness increases so does the need for taking charge of your own health and wellbeing. We can offer a real path forward!
We have the products, people and the plan to support your awakening, alignment and advancement towards a higher level of wellness.
You see, we recognize that each and every one of us is on our very own personal journey through life. We respect everyone’s unique perspective and contribution.
Along this journey, we are here to appreciate, support and empower each and everyone’s individual path towards wellbeing. Finding your way to optimal health can be difficult, so we offer a solution – a real path for you to advance towards personalized wellness.
We firmly believe that you can do well for yourself by genuinely doing right by others. With products that work. With people like you. Do well by doing good.
We are at the forefront of science, producing leading edge plant-derived products of the highest quality, products that contain some of the most powerful plant-based compounds known to increase wellness of the body, mind and spirit.
Your body knows what it needs – our products deliver potent plant molecules like adaptogens and antioxidants that your body selects and uses to repair, rebuild and rebalance.
Our product formulations and processing methods are based on over 70 years of modern scientific research and in-depth ancient herbal wisdom handed down through generations of scientists.
Our methods are proven to unlock and amplify the synergies of plant molecules to deliver you superior health benefits to exceed all expectations.

Our 9 Core Values are:
Humility – Respect – Honesty
Curiosity – Integrity – Creativity
Transparency – Humor – Simplicity

Join our family. Empower yourself to succeed!
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Brady Theodore

Bloomington IN
United States
 Brady Theodore
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A performance driven leader with proven results achieving revenue, profit, and market growth objectives. Strong communication skills that clarify expectations, set priorities and translate company strategies into results. An inspirational leader with a hands-on approach providing highly visible and approachable field presence to internal and external customers. Showing the world how to live stress free with the use of Adaptogens 100% All-Natural stress relieving formula a proprietary blend of 7 herbs w/3 anti-oxidants lowering the bodies Cortisol up to 40% and bringing your body and mind back to homeostasis.

Disclaimer - I and (we) are not diagnosing, treating or curing any illness or disease, always contact your doctor before starting any new regiment.

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