The Nuts and Bolts of Erecting a Contracting Empire

Nuts & Bolts Contracting, LLC
825 Court St.
Clearwater, FL 33756
United States

Nuts & Bolts Contracting is a consulting and training company designed to help construction, contracting and tradesman oriented businesses set their business practices and systems on track and expanding into the future.

If you are experiencing problems or barriers with:
Human Resources
Project Management
New Business & Marketing
Organizational Development

We can help with that.

Our team of seasoned construction and business professionals can help you solve the situations you are experiencing with your company. We will return to you, Time and make it possible for you to have and enjoy Money.
Joel Anderson
825 Court St.
Clearwater FL 33756
United States
Nuts & Bolts Contracting, LLC Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson is an Industry Consultant who works with construction, contracting and trade professionals showing them how to strengthen their businesses, practices and performance, enabling stable expansion of their activities and bottom line.

Joel is a 46 year veteran of the construction services industry. He knows the business from bottom to top, inside and out. He knows by personal experience, the problems that are presented to a company and its management on a daily basis. He knows how to identify these problems and implement the exact solutions which help take your company operations to never before thought of levels of perfection.

Joel has provided successful services, both managerial and technical, for some of the biggest contracting corporations in the world, which include Hensel-Phelps, CH2MHill, Mero Structures, Metso Power and Mining, USDOT, USDOD, USCG, USPS, as well as many smaller companies, and through several of his own companies. In his words, “My greatest joy is helping people succeed in their endeavors, whether in business or in life, as these are symbiotic.”

Joel has received recognition as an Honored Member in Strathmore’s Who’s Who and America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals. He has been honored as an opinion leader and appointed as a Florida Small Business Representative, been awarded Business Man of the Year twice, as well as been presented with the President’s National Leadership Award by the National Business Advisory Council. Joel has also received the President’s Lifetime Volunteer Service Award for his continuous involvement in community and civic activities.

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