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Dave Krause
28 Vista Del Monte, Vallot Street Johannesburg
Alberton, Gauteng 2058
South Africa


Hi, my name is Dave, and I've been an SFI affiliate for over a year.

I'm with SFI because they're the real deal. For nearly two decades now they've been providing anyone who's willing to work a real way to earn extra income as an Internet marketer...from the comfort of their home.

One of the things I really love about SFI is that there's never any purchase or sales requirements. Most companies have to have such requirements...or there would be no sales. But with SFI, there's so much good stuff going on that sales, success, and commissions just flow naturally! And because SFI provides such outstanding training and tools, it doesn't matter if you have any experience in marketing or not. You simply need to plug into their proven system and go to work.

SFI's e-commerce store,, is a big part of it. TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. And starting from your very first day as an SFI affiliate, you can share in the profits of EVERY sale at TripleClicks. For real! Thousands of products from all over the world, 24-hour penny auctions, and a variety of great online games are just part of what makes TripleClicks so special. TripleClicks has something for everyone--and that makes online selling both lucrative and fun!

But the best part about SFI is that they're only scratching the surface of what they're likely to become during the next 10 years. Their potential is off the charts! And that's why I invite you to join my SFI group today and start sharing in the fun and profits. Remember, there are no required costs EVER...and there's no obligation.

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One more thing: My #1 job in SFI is helping the affiliates that I sponsor become successful. When you join my team, know that in me you will have a committed partner and mentor and that I stand ready to assist you in any way I can.

Thank you and I hope to hear you've joined my team soon.

Dave Krause

Proud SFI affiliate since 2017
Dave Krause
28 Vista Del Monte, Vallot Street Johannesburg
Alberton Gauteng 2058
South Africa
Dave Krause Dave Krause
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My career started in the mining industry in 1981.

The mining industry took a huge knock with the recession and I was retrenched in early 2015. This was a huge shock to me and I panicked and jumped at the first opportunity that came my way. I bought a cleaning material franchise (KT Shop) without doing any research or feasibility studies. The shop lasted less than a year and I was forced to close the doors after sinking my entire financial resources into the venture.

With nothing to lose, I started searching the internet and with many failed attempts doing marketing, forex trading, surveys, “get rich quick” schemes, I finally stumbled onto SFI (Strong Future International).

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MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business